What a season... so far

It's been an exceptional beekeeping season so far! We came out of winter with 26 hives, a 52% loss from last fall and since starting early splits using the OTS (On-the-Spot) queen rearing method, we have nearly tripled total amount of nucs and operating hives. Like farmers, when the weather cooperates, you must make the most of the opportunity as drought or too much rain influences hive strength and honey yields. I'm on my third round of OTS splits this season and I believe I becoming a believer in OTS. I've never been very good at grafting and the OTS method of making queen cells is fairly easy. If you're unfamiliar with the OTS method, basically you are creating an artificial swarm

Girl Scouts Meet the Bees!

On May 19, Deer Creek Apiaries hosted members of an Arundel County Girl Scout troop at one of our apiaries. Parents and their children viewed the inner workings of a hive box, of which the troop had painted the outside of weeks earlier. The Scouts learned about the basic elements of a hive, how bees communicate with each other, and the hierarchy of a honeybee colony. The children saw the queen, watched her attendants feed her and clean her, and witnessed workers bringing back pollen and saw them drawing out wax comb. Both children and parents ended their visit by poking their fingers into a frame of this year's honey and tasting the results. #BeeHive #Beekeeping