Frequently asked questions about our hive sponsorship

How much does the CSA cost?

The cost is $150 per year, with renewal occuring by January 1st of each calendar year.

What am I receiving for my money?

You will be given a hive box to paint and decorate as you wish. It's important that you paint it with unique designs, as the bees will be able to better recoginize their surroundings when they return to the hive. We will also give you (4) one-pound jars of local spring honey from the apiary your hive box is located in by mid-August of each calendar year. You will also receive a three-ounce beeswax candle in a glass jar. You will also have your hive showcased on our website with updates on the colony's progress, including images provided on a monthly basis. We also offer an opportunity for you to come visit the hive once a season. We'll give you a bee suit and you can watch and take photos/video as we conduct an inspection of your hive.

What does it mean to be a Co-Owner in this venture?

It means you're sharing in the cost and profits of beekeeping without having to be directly involved in the physical labor. At its esssence, beekeeping is farming, and as such, it requires patience, physical labor, a clear understanding of the bees, as well as a good understanding of weather patterns and local floral sources. As a co-owner, you're the silent partner and you help us off-set the costs for operating a bee yard, and you are spared the burdens of the manual labor and time-sensitive requirements.

Can I visit the hive?

Yes, you can! We offer a rare opportunity for you to spend up to one hour visiting and observing your hive with us at our bee yard. We’ll give you one of our bee suits, and you can watch, and even assist us, as we conduct an inspection of the colony's health. Bring a camera and document the event and sample the honey the bees are curing. We will be able to observe bees hatching, watch them bring in pollen, locate the queen, and watch her in action. We encourage you to get curious, and ask us all the questions you can think of. We are passionate about beekeeping and enjoy talking about it with others.