Swarm Removal


Our Mission

We like to save any swarms that are in need of a proper home.  Most  swarms will not make it on their own without the help of human intervention.  In this region of the country, we really only have a good nectar flow in the spring.   Without an equally strong fall nectar flow,  the majority of swarms will starve to death before winter.   


We offer to remove swarms in the Harford County area.  We can remove swarms from trees  or the sides of structures, HOWEVER; we don't remove swarms from the interiors of buildings/structures.   We are not set up to perform cut outs that involve the removal of siding, or cutting into wall paneling to remove honey bee colonies.  


If the swarms are indeed honey bees, we will remove them for free.  However, if they are not honey bees and are instead wasps or bumblebees, we charge $75 an hour to remove them.  


If you have a suspected honey bee swarm on your property,  take a photo and text it to us at 443 643- 6678.  Please indicate how high off the ground you believe the swarm is located. We will get back with you as soon as we can.

We ask you to text us first as we get a lot of spam photo calls, so we typically don't answer unless we recognize the call.