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Helpful Beekeeping Resources

YouTube Channels

Bob Binnie, along with his wife Suzette, owns Blue Ridge Honey Co. in Lakemont, Georgia, operating 2000 colonies along with a sizable honey packing operation. Voted "Beekeeper Of The Year" by the Georgia Beekeepers Association in 2003 Bob has been involved in commercial beekeeping for nearly four decades.


Ian Steppler, married to Sandy, father of 5, farms with his family near Miami Manitoba Canada.  His family farm is a third generation family farm.  Ian and his family crop 3500 acres of land, calve 5-600 head of pure bred Charolais cattle and manage a 1200-1500 hive apiary

Honeybee Research and leading entomologist

Nationally known commercial beekeeper and biologist who conducts research on various techniques to reduce the effects Varroa Mite have on bee colonies.

University of Maryland Bee Squad

The Bee Squad is dedicated to bringing science to the bee yard by providing educational opportunities to beekeepers and colony management services to the community.  UMD Bee Squad is part of the Honey Bee Lab at the University of Maryland and is partnered with the Bee Informed Partnership to help reduce honey bee loss.


Bee Informed Partnership

This organization focuses on data collection from beekeepers across the country on the pests and diseases afflicting their colonies to provide better management tactics.

Honey Bee Health Coalition 

  • A collaborative coalition that aims to improve honey bee health by addressing multiple factors influencing bee health, including hive management.


The Beekeepers Corner 

  • Kevin Ingin is a EAS Master Beekeeper and hobby beekeeper who started keeping bees in 2008 and resides in central New Jersey.   Kevin hosts an informative beekeeping podcast which is angled towards the hobbyist beekeeper.  His podcasts cover many topics including new tools and beekeeping techniques, regulations and beekeeping practices. His podcasts are always educational and entertaining.

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