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Another season of beekeeping is coming to a close.  We gathered a sizeable amount of honey and grew a substanceial anount of replacemeber hives this year.   Each year, beekeepers are faced with a different challenges than the previous season.   This year it was Hive Beetles.   The population exploded this Augusta and reeked havoc on many of my nucs.   I resorted to crude human methiods to reduce their population. 

On a better note, military student where I world were ablet to meet, pet and photography the bees.   Prior to completing the course I teach in some of what our must learn how to do is: write news and narrative stories, construct short news pieces and document  events as they occur.  Inspecting a hive is a detailed job and is repetitive in nature.    Offering to be the SUBJECT,  I have been   interviewed more than a dozen times.  The highlight for me was the opportunity to have many of our students come out and  meet the bees.   I

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