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I recently had the pleasure of a visit with two former students of mine at my apiaries. I hadn't talked with them for over three years, so it was nice catch up with them and to talk with them about what their futures hold. Both have faced a far share of challenges and have weathered the storms with grace and strength. The military has come a long way since I was a junior Sailor, and I'm so glad our military has opened up all career fields to women. Several of my best mentors were women!

Both showed a keen interest in beekeeping and after a short introduction to several hives, they were helping me conduct monthly inspections on over a dozen hives. Our inspections included spotting and marking queens, counting open and closed worker brood frames and generally assessing the overall strength of a hive.

Beekeeping can be an enjoyable hobby that can be challenging for anyone, however; it is most enjoyable when you can share the experience with others.

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