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Swarm of Bees

Mentorship program

Beekeeping isn't always an easy hobby to succeed in as a beginner.  Historically, many new beekeepers quit after only two to three years.  Success as a new beekeeper occurs via good mentorships and/or lots of reading.  


We believe the success of a new beekeeper is directly connected to how much time is dedicated to learning about bees prior to getting your own hive.  


Our mentorship program is offered during the most critical time of beekeeping during Spring/early Summer (March through June) and is offered with the purchase of one of our nucs.   


For every hour you work with us in one of our apiaries (assisting us in the Spring build-up) and help with preparation for the nectar flow, we'll take $5.00 per hour off the cost of the nuc you plan to buy.  


What can you expect to learn:  

• Proper techniques for feeding and handling bees

• How to assist colonies from Winter through Spring 

• Preparations for seasonal management of colonies

• How to evaluate for bee health, food stores, controlling over-population and recognizing the swarming impulse, diseases, and poor queen performance.

Best regards,

Todd Cichonowicz

Deer Creek Apiaries

56 Boxthorn Rd

Abingdon, Md 21009


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