Summer's challenges

Hi again,

Well, several weeks ago we received word from a friend in Vermont that our beehives had a second unannounced visit from our "friends" Yogi and Boo-Boo. As some may know, once bears get a taste for honey, you can usually expect them to return for seconds. So, we made an impromptu 400-mile road trip up to VT 48 hours later to assess the damage and come up with a fortification plan to try to keep the bears at bay.

As with the first visit, most damage was minimized through the use of racket straps and bear boards (sheets of plywood with upturned nails in them). One of our black furry friends traversed the perimeter of the bear boards looking for a chink in the armor and found one. I had run out of the spikes used to secure the boards to the ground on ONE board out of 12. Using its claws, the bear swung the board aside with ease like it was opening a door and commenced to shopping....

Oh well. Live and let live right? Well, until bear season starts.... :-) Overall, it's been a pretty productive season where I have raised roughly 20 nucs, harvested over 500 pounds of spring honey, and only physically lost four hives to to bears and one very freak county flood.

Next post, I think I will write about my lessons learned in 2018.

Until then, take care of your girls...

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