Fall pollen forage at DCA

I decided to put my video skills to work by creating a short video of some of my hives gathering fall pollen sources at one of my apiaries.

It's been an outstanding year for our business. We gathered 30% more honey than most years and still have five more hives to harvest from. We doubled the amount of hives through OTS queen-rearing, and just received great news on the overall conduction of our bees. This year, we volunteered to participate in a National Honeybee Survey that monitors the health of honeybees nationwide by conducting inspections of honeybee colonies and taking samples of bees, honey, and pollen from eight hives from apiries that participated in the study. The results help entomologists provide an early warning

system for invasive pests and pathogens and for further scientific research on honeybee

diseases. The results from our apiaries indicted that our hives were well below the national average for the seven common diseases that affect the health of honeybees and that our Varroa Mite count was zero! I hope that some of this is due to the bee management practices I started incorporating this year, and are not a fluke. Time will tell. How did your hives fare out this year? I would love to hear!

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