Warm winter weather = active bees

With temperatures in the lower 60’s this weekend, our bees were out foraging for pollen and nectar as if it was spring already! I’m glad I added fondant to all the hives last month as an insurance policy to prevent starvation. Warm winter weather causes them to get out of their dormant state and start flying in hopes of finding stores. With nothing in bloom yet, their efforts are wasted and they can quickly deplenish their stores well before the earliest natural sources come to bloom in mid February. On exceeding warm winter days like today, make the time to check the stores in your hives. You may be surprised at what you find.

While out checking my hives yesterday, I shot some slow motion footage of one particular active colony. To me, honey bees look so graceful flying, that is until you see them landing in slow motion. It reminds me of the old silent slapstick movies.

How are you hives doing this winter? I’d love to hear.

Best regards, Todd

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